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Play this game to experience the ultimate roller-coaster ride of fun and terror. You have been captured and are held prisoner by the hideous monsters of the underworld. Your only chance of survival is to take the ride of your life on the Ghost Train - a stomach lurching roller coaster of terror! Crouched down in a small mine cart, you'll go careering down into the chasm of horror.
[Ghost Train] [Ghost Train]
Escaping from the land of doom and despair is not going to be easy - it's a race against time and only the very courageous and cool headed will make it back into the green pastures of the upperworld. There are 6 harrowing levels to get through, each one more difficult and scary than the last. Reach the end of a level quickly and you'll bank time to help you later on. Look out for the power-ups and speed-ups. There gruesome monsters waiting to test your mettle, hurling boulders and even scratching at you, make sure they do not draw blood!

Dare you ride the worlds most frightening roller coaster?????.

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