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Quickshot Carnival is the ultimate fairground shooting gallery. You'll find yourself in the centre of a candy-striped carnival tent full of irresistible targets. It's 360 of shimmering tin cans, marching soldiers, leaping fish, dive-bombing birds and more.

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All you have to do is shoot the targets as fast, furious and accurately as possible to score enough points to advance to the next level. There are eight levels to conquer with different themes ranging from an undersea adventure to an out-of-this world intergalactic fantasy. Each level has bonus targets hidden in secret places that you'll have to find and shoot to boost your score.


You'll find yourself transported to an idyllic setting in the great outdoors. The shooting range, with five traditional shooting stations, overlooks a shimmering blue lake bordered by towering evergreens and craggy mountains. Upon looking around you will even encounter an audience of inquisitive horses.

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You choose from 4 challenging levels, from beginner to expert, with increasingly difficult wind conditions and firing distances. Clays are launched by shouting 'pull' into the Visette's built-in microphone or automatically if no voice command is given. The world's first Immersive shooting coach is there to help you with aim, leading and wind judgement.


PAC-MAN fever is spreading again with this fully Immersive 3D virtual reality game in which the player actually becomes PAC-MAN himself. Retaining all of the original gameplay the VR version of this classic game now allows the networking of up to 4 players enabling them to see, talk and compete with each other in the same virtual maze whilst still trying to outwit the ghosts.

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Originally launched in 1980 by NAMCO, PAC-MAN took over the world. Both young and old were afflicted with PAC-MAN fever, as the cute little yellow character grew into a video game phenomenon. Now, you'll be able to see the world through PAC-MAN's eyes, running around the maze, picking up pills and avoiding the ghosts.

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