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VR adaptation of the classic Namco arcade game,  "See the world through PAC-MAN's eyes" PAC-MAN fever is spreading again with this new fully immersive 3D virtual reality game in which the player actually becomes PAC-MAN himself.
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 Originally launched in 1980 by NAMCO, PAC-MAN took over the world. Both young and old were afflicted with PAC-MAN fever, as the cute little yellow character launched a video game phenomenon. Now, for the first time ever you'll be able see the world through PAC-MAN's eyes, running around the maze, picking up pills and avoiding the ghosts. This product brings a whole new immersive dimension to one of the best-loved games of all time PAC-MAN TM Copyright 1980 Namco Ltd. All rights reserved. PAC-MAN is a Trademark of Namco Ltd. Manufactured under license by Namco Holding Corp.
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