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Trap MasterIn Trapmaster, players find themselves transported to an idyllic setting in the great outdoors. The shooting range, with the five traditional shooting stations, overlooking a shimmering blue lake bordered by towering evergreens and craggy mountains.
[Trap Master]Upon looking around, the player will even encounter an audience of inquisitive horses. Players choose from 4 challenge levels, from beginner to expert, with increasingly difficult wind conditions and firing distances. Every aspect of shooting has been taken into account, right down to target trajectories, speed and the shot pattern spread.
[Trap Master]Clays are launched by shouting "pull" into the Cybermind Visette (headset), if no voice command is given, a clay will automatically release after five seconds. Once the clay is in the air, all the player has to do is aim and fire.
[Trap Master]Sharp shooters shatter clays, bad shots miss. Players who need some guidance get pointers from the world's first immersive shooting coach who is there to help with aim, leading and wind judgement. The clay launcher inside the trap house is constantly moving, so no two rounds are ever the same.
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