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cms ins cms ins cms ins kgs lbs
  131 51.6 128 50.4 149 58.7 285 628.4
Electrical Specifications - 600W 240V or 110V (switchable)


The Total Recoil graphics accelerator was designed to deliver industry leading graphics performance for a wide range of applications. Highly optimized, it provides dual channel, high performance, 3D texture mapped graphics.

  • Geometry Engine Dual 100Mhz Motorola 603E RISC CPUs
  • Rendering Engine Dual custom ASIC 3D rendering chips
  • MPEG Interface Custom chip for integrating MPEG and texture-mapped 3D graphics data in real time
  • Geometry Memory 16 Mbytes expandable to 64 Mbytes, 264 Mbytes per second read/write access
  • Texture Memory 16 Mbytes of dual banked texture DRAM
  • Video Memory 4 Mbytes frame buffer, 200 Mbytes per second read/write access at 50 Mhz
  • Video Display Output VGA 640 x 480, non-interlaced NTSC/PAL
  • I2C Interface Direct driver for companion MPEG/Video decoder card
  • Debug Port Dedicated 16 pin RiscWatch JTAG connector
  • Host Interface Dual channel slave PCIbus interface
    Peak Performance
    • 38 million point sampled, texture-mapped pixels/second
    • 300,000 50-pixel texture-mapped polygons/second
  • Memory
    • 16 Mbytes dual banked texture and Z-buffer memory per card
    • Shared memory interface for dynamic loading of textures
  • Features
    • True perspective corrected textures, 8-bit and 16-bit textures supported
    • Scissor clip, stipple, stencil, dither
    • Illumination, directed light source, texture and fog
    • 4 to 1 pixel anti-aliasing support
    • Block read/write mode
  • Pixel Prioritisation Single alpha bit detect
  • Support
    • Mono, stereo
    • Single, dual or up to eight outputs per PC
The multimedia card and its companion product, the MMD interface module, provide an innovative solution to MPEG and live Video augmentation of the UltraScaler high performance computer graphics system. In addition, the multimedia card provides a five stereo input audio mixer and output lines for supplementary audio and 3D spatial sound location . This dual channel compact ISA PC sub-system provides a multitude of configurable facilities essential for complex multi-media and VR applications.



Technology: Dual Poly-silicon Thin Film Transistor (TFT) active-matrix LCD's
Video Format: Pseudo VGA
Resolution: Pseudo VGA 640(h) x 480 (v) 307,200 pixels
Pixel Arrangement: Diagonal Mosaic
Pixel Pitch: Pseudo VGA 0.042 x 0.042 mm
Contrast Ratio 200:1


Field of View per Eye: 60 (h) x 46.8   (v) 71.05   diagonal
Focus Adjustment: 4 dioptres
Lens Power: 10.8 dioptres power for infinity focus
Nominal Exit Pupil: 7 mm diameter
Overlap 100%
Integral micro focus depixillators   


Transducer Type: Dynamic
Sound Coupling: Supra-aural
Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 18Khz
Harmonic Distortion: <0.3% Hi-Fi Stereo


Degrees of Freedom 6 (X, Y, Z, roll, pitch and yaw)
Update Rate 60 Hz
Latency 12 milliseconds
Resolution 0.03 orientation
Accuracy Positional 0.5"
  angular 2.0


Injection Molded high impact nylon
Single Twist head size adjustment
Hygienic closed cell replaceable EVA comfort pads
Independent left and right eye focus adjustment
Motorized IPD adjustment (58mm -70mm)
weight - 840 Grams (29oz)
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